Your Mind and Health

Life is amazing. We wake up in the morning and depending on our thoughts and experiences, determines how well we live and feel about ourselves.

I have learned the following 2 things that has dramatically changed my life and brought me lots of happiness in well-being the last few months.

1) Mind – Our Mind and thoughts determines everything around us. “If you change the way you look at things, they things you look at changes”. It is very amazing and extraordinary true. It is not easy to control thoughts but when we start de-hypnotizing from our habits in the past and start reprogramming our minds with positive things, we start being happier and more positive. It takes 21 days to develop or break any habit. Therefore when we have a negative thought, we need to switch it immediately to a positive thought. It has increasing benefits in our health and mood. It is not easy but really possible with practice. We can either take action in our life or let the world decide how we are going to live.

2) Health – The first step to health is the fuel we put in our bodies; Nutrition. What we eat determines how we feel and function. I started eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables and even juicing and have felt extreme benefits, overall. It is amazing. I have seen documentaries that it cures cancer by just eating the right foods, non processed and whole foods. There has to be a reason God created us in the garden and gave us all natural foods. God is perfect and I know if it was healthier to eat processed foods he would have provided it for us in the beginning of times.

A simpler, healthier, and significant life is the way to live. Just my opinion. I am beginning to learn this simple basics and no one ever took the time to teach me, but am in a life long process of learning how to be more successful, happier, and significant. I want to make a difference in as many people as I can. To help others brings extreme happiness but first we need to build and help ourselves.

God Bless all my brothers and sisters in this beautiful world that God has given us. It is a battle zone due to sin, but we are all warriors in spirit. Be blessed.